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What's New : May-11-2011

I'm elected as the chair of IB for the Belle-II experiment during 2012-2013. I'm proud of it for the first time but immediately realized that I have to do tons of work :-(.

Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 22:23:55 +0200
From: Peter Krizan 
Subject: [sbib_contact:0411] Belle II IB chair election results

Dear IB members,

Here come the results of the elections. Out of 55 IB members, 32 have voted
as follows:

xxxxxx xxxxxxx        11 votes
yyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyy     6 votes
Eunil Won             15 votes

I would like to thank the three candidates for standing for election.
Congratulations to the new IB chair Eunil Won!

Finally, let me thank Leo for his extremely successful chairing of the IB in
the collaboration-forming period.