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USB based Flash ADC

This is a short instruction about how to use the flash ADC board we obtained. Every steps in below has to run in root account (I know, a device driver is to be written :-)). Comments: Redhat 9.0 and Fedora 3.0 worked in sorimsa. Fedora 2.0 did not work. When the ADC board is physically connected, not-so-obvious warning message may appear. In my experience, neglecting them usually worked. In order to run this with normal user account, one has to write a device driver.

Caveat: USB draws 5 V to the device, max 500 mW to the board. If the device requires more than that, the external power is required. And that is the case for this board as well for the real running. The dip switch on the board has to be removed and the external 5 V has to be supplied to two pins located top-left coner (labeled). We found that the external power supply and the PC that has the connection to the ADC board MUST have the external ground to the 110/220 AC. We once neglected this and let one side of the ground floated (bad power cable, bad practice) resulting in non-detectability of the USB device to the host computer :-(.