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Radisys (PMC) evaluation board

This is a short instruction about how to change the bios setup for the radisys CPU for the booting. Originally got this info from Nakao/Yamagata and recorded here for local folks with minor addition.
   Large Disk Access Mode:     [Other]

Advanced->PCI Configuration->PrPMC Customizations
   Backplan I/O      [Enabled]
   Backplan Ready    [Enabled]
   Memory Remap 0    [512 MB]
   Memory Remap 1    [512 MB]

Advanced->Console Redirection
   Com Port Address          [On-board COM A]
   Baud Rate                 [9600]
   Console type              [VT100]
   Console Connection        [Direct]
   Continue C.R. after POST: [On]

Exit->CMOS Save & Restore
   CMOS Restore Condition   [Always]
   Save CMOS to Flash 
Now Radisys can load the kernel in the CF card.