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Welcome to Eunil Won's Home page. The picture on the right was apparently made by an undergraduate student who took my Math. Physics class. I must have given a low grade...:-) The full story is here. I am an experimental particle physicist (and cosmologist). Primary physics interests include CP violations (and matter antimatter asymmetry in universe), and electroweak interactions among quarks. Recently I jumped into experimental CMB physics and cosmology. See my google scholar or inspires for my recent works.



I entered Korea University in 1988 and majored physics. I joined University of Rochester in 1993 as a graduate student working on a particle physics experiment called Dzero at Fermilab in US. I received my Ph.D in 1997 and went to Seoul National University in order to take military duty as a Korean citizen, working on initial (=painful or joyful?) stage of the dark matter experiment. Also, till 2002, I worked on the Belle experiment in Japan. I then moved to Harvard University as a research associate working on the BaBar experiment from 2002. I returned to Korea University as an assistant professor of physics in the fall of 2004. Here is my (outdated) CV.

How to Reach Me

Snail Mail Department of Physics
Korea University
145, Anam-ro Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 136-713 Korea
Office Asan Science Building, Room 422
Phone +82-2-3290-3113
Fax +82-2-927-3292

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